Richmond Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

Virginia Society 

Our History

  • A called meeting on April 11, 1923 of a special committee of the Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution appointed the formation of a Richmond Chapter. Col. R. McCathy Bullington was chosen as president and Charles C. Bowe as secretary.
  • As long as it can be recalled the Richmond Chapter has been the sponsor and host for the annual State Convention.
  • Also, the Richmond Chapter for many years furnished the personnel to run and/or supervise the Headquarters going for several months when the Society did not have a paid secretary. In recent years, Howard Bartholf, Roderick Brown, James Wilcox and James Suddeth spent many hours working at the Headquarters.
  • Flavius Walker was instrumental in starting the Kenneth C. Patty Fund which was named after Compatriot Patty for his work as Virginia Society president.
  • The following past presidents of the Richmond Chapter later became President of the Virginia Society:

Philip St. George Cooke

James D. Fauntleroy

Harrison J. Price

Marcellus E. Wright

Walter F. Lipford

John J. Fairbanks, Jr.

Kenneth C. Patty

Joseph H. Cottrell

E. Turpin Phillips

L. Ralston Curry

J. Thomas Burch, Jr.

Roderick D. Brown

James S. Cremins

Mark S. Brennan, Sr.

  • Roderick D. Brown was elected Vice President General for the National Society of Sons of the American Revolution, the highest office held by a Richmond Chapter member.
  • John J. Fairbanks, Jr. LLB, CPA made the annual audit of the State Treasurer’s records for a number of years at no cost to the Society.
  • The Rev. William H. Lister was one of the Richmond Chapter members to be elected Chaplain General of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.
  • Joseph J. Cottrell’s contributions were many in organizing and planning for the State Society. He was known by everyone in the Society.
  • The first annual service at the grave of General Thomas Nelson on Yorktown Day was started by John Crouch when he was president of the Chapter. It was then taken over by the State Society which continues the practice.
  • The Chapter sponsored for many years the annual service at St. John’s Church to commemorate Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” speech beginning in 1975 the 200th anniversary of Henry’s speech. Our speaker at the evening prayer service was National President M. Graham Clarke, an ordained Presbyterian Minister. At that time the Richmond Chapter had four ministers among its membership and all participated in this service.
  • The Chapter has sponsored the annual service at the State Capital honoring Thomas Jefferson on the anniversary of his birthday.
  • Also, the annual bell ringing service at the First Baptist Church on the Fourth of July was initiated by the Chapter.
  • The Chapter participates in a service honoring President James Monroe at his grave in Hollywood Cemetery on his birthday, April 28th. President Monroe was a hero of the American Revolution, having fought in a number of battles.
  • Malvern H. Omohundro, Jr.’s application for membership was approved by the National Society in Nov. 1924 with his state number being 521, the lowest current number in the state. The Richmond Chapter honored him at the December 1994 meeting for his 70 years of continuous service. M.H. says he has known every president of the Richmond Chapter.
  • Past Presidents of the Richmond Chapter,

    Virginia Society

    Sons of the American Revolution:

  • Robert McCarthy Bullington 1923-1924 , Edgar Granville Gunn 1925, William Jefferson Payne 1926-1927, George Craghead Gregory 1928,
  • Philip St. George Cooke 1929-1930, James Dearing Fauntleroy 1932, Harrison Jackson Price 1933, Thomas Tunstall Adams 1934-1935,
  • Meade Thompson Spicer 1936, Randolph Maynard 1937-1938, Marcellus Eugene Wright 1939-1940, Walter Foster Lipford 1941-1942,
  • James Beaker Bowers 1943-1944, William MacFarland Jones Honors Conferred By Acclamation on 8 Nov 1945, John Joy Fairbanks, Jr. 1945-1946,
  • Kenneth C. Patty 1947, Donald N. Frazier 1948-1949, J.T. Fontaine 1950, E. Griffith Dodson 1951, Grady Garrett 1952, Joseph H. Cottrell 1953,
  • W. Herbert Knowles 1954, Venable L. Stern 1955, Hume S. Powell 1956, E. Turpin Phillips 1957, Herbert D. Coy, M.D. 1958, L. Ralston Curry 1959,
  • Flavius B. Walker, Jr. 1960, Reno S. Harp, III 1961, Edward T. Collier 1962, Joseph H. Cottrell 1963, J. Thomas Burch, Jr. 1964,
  • Lewellyn T. Flippen, M.D. 1965-1966, J. Powell Wardlaw 1967, Thomas E. Marshall 1968, Neilson B. Shriner 1969, Daniel E. Bray 1970,
  • William E. Seaton 1971, John C. Crouch 1972, Robert F. Morse 1973, Beecher F. Stallard 1974, Roderick D. Brown 1975, James H. Miller 1976,
  • Rev. William H. Lister 1977, Stuart E. Jones 1978, William A. Thurman, Jr. M.D. 1979, Howard E. Bartholf 1980, James S. Cremins 1981,
  • Burk O. Barker 1982, William B. Fitzhugh, D.D.S. 1983, Brian K. Miller 1984, John W. Moore 1985, James A. Suddeth 1986,
  • Willys M. Monroe, M.D. 1987, W. Baxter Perkinson, Sr. 1988, John Robert Simms, II 1989, James A. Suddeth 1990, Roderick D. Brown 1991,
  • Brian K. Miller 1992-1993, John E. Hansbarger 1994-1995, David H. Harpole, Sr., MD 1996-1997, Eugene D. Lewis, Jr. 1998,
  • Arthur Taylor 1999-2000, Evans Steele 2001-2002, Gregory Carter 2003-2004, Mark S. Brennan, Sr. 2005-2006, Stephen A. Atkinson 2007-2008, 
  • Taylor Cowardin 2009-2010, James Robeson 2011-2012

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